giovedì 27 agosto 2009

fluo queen & disco girl

I'm actually in a lime mood and I have so many things in this color, so I decided to use some of my favorite ones to make these two outfits I adore!!

One is a fluo queen, all dressed in this lime tones and the other one is a disco girl with boombox, microphone and vintage headphones.

fluo queen & disco girl_part

fluo queen & disco girl1

fluo queen & disco girl


Fluo queen:
Hair: Allison II, by Fri.

Jacket: Roxy black, by Mimikri
Bra: In a manner of speaking black, by andBean
Shorts: Short on E citrus by Emery
Leggings: Fish scale leggings, by Twee (Designers united limited)

Shoes: Salience golden brown, by Maitreya
Crown: Principe crown, by CheerNo

Disco girl:
Hair: Deena, by Fri.

Top: 5th Ave long top, by Digit Darkess
Leggings: Legging Black, by Maiiki

Shoes: Sugar'n spice, by AW Design
Glasses: Implosion Sunglasses black, by Shade Throne
Headphones and Boombox: Nylon Outfitters
Microphone: normal Mic, by Happy Dispatch (great poses!!!)

Back home

Oooook sorry I've been so away from here...I went on vacation here in Sardinia for a couple of weeks..I missed sl, blogging, and creating stuff. I had only 1 hour at day with a wireless connection, but I've found some time to make few photos here and obviously to shopping.

I've uploaded some photos on my Flickr, well many outfits and so I decided to put only photos and the outfit details to keep updated the blog, sorry for this, I know my texts are so inspiring LOL.

ah l'amour_part

ah l'amour

back home_part

back home


1st look:
Hair: CheerNo.HairDesing - PRELICA BLONDS

Shirt: Y-Strap Layered Tank in Emerald, by Viva la Glam
Skirt: High Waist Garden Skirt, by Wasted Youth
Stockings: Valentino Leggings, by Fuel

Shoes: RibbonBeltPumps in Red, by ANEXX
Hat: Oh so french beret, by Decollage
Glasses: Barbara, by NALA
Ring: Lucifer ring coming soon by LaGyo
Necklace: Hunters necklace, by Chapeau tres mignon

2nd look:
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth: Electric slide

Shirt: Blooming roses blouse, by Tres Blah
Pants: Denim high waisted Misery, by Emery

Belt: Twin skinny belt, by AOHARU
Shoes: Superstars yellow/black, by SOREAL
Bag: Bag S yellow, by Altmeter
Glasses: Millionhearts, by NALA

giovedì 6 agosto 2009

Bad Girls

We see a lot of them..walkin around aour stores, our pretty lands, hanging around our boys...and why don't we beat them???? because the do it first, THEY ARE THE BAD

I didn't know what to say....I just had the 2 outfits in my mind and I thought about these stupid things...stupid but true things. Well enjoy their looks....or they'll beat you!!

bad girls_part

bad girl2

bad girl1


Pic 1:

Hair: Jeilu by Ac Store

Undershirt: Storm swimsuit black by Bijou
Jumper: Tabitha jumper red by ModdG.
Leggings: Slick n' Shiny silver by &Bean

Glasses: Diabolita Sunglasses by Shade throne
Scarf: Holiday winter scarf by Kyoot (old group gift)
Shoes: Kat Platforms by Kookie

Pic 2:

Hair: Deep womens by Shag

Shirt: Strap Layered Tank in Beige by VG
Skirt: Taff Taff Skirt by Narwal (love this store!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Jacket: Shoulder trench bleu by PK
Leggings: Thight 2 (tinted) by Little Fish

Belt: High waisted belt black by Maiiki
Bangle: African nights bangle by LaGyo
Glasses: Aviators by Shade Throne
Shoes: Bare Audrey by Stiletto Moody

I don't want you anymore

Yes I don't want to see you many times we wish to say this to someone and we don't have the courage to do it??
This happens to the best people who doesn't want to hurt someone and just leaves the things as they are, but....sometimes we have to do it, just for a reason...because is the right thing to do!

Well...this outfit is too "happy" for the way I'm feeling now..but I didn't want to spend more time for that person, and so lets change humor with this cute thing here!

The jacket is from Ohmai, another fabulous work from Anya, the dress is from the new Viva La Glam collection which finally come back to SL.
The hat is from a little cute store in a little cute mall (LOL) and the bag is a freebie, love them!!!

I don't want you anymore!!!


Hair: Electric slide by Clawtooth

Dress: Halcyon dress in pearl by VG
Jacket: Hamilton military BASICBLANK by Ohmai

Hat: Rusty helmet by GasMask
Bag: Djunk Wanderer bag by LaLa's Regular Oddness
Boots: NitBoots Sellbox by Super


Yes...I copied someone's blog name...but, oh yes, I'm guilty!!
And yes yes yes, Anya continues surprising us with her little brilliant cute mind ^____^
Her blog is glamorous, her photos are fab, and so her stuff had to be brilliant too!
And she has not disappointed our expectations!!



Hair: Toppi blondes by Ohmai

Dress: Summer Breeze DARKDEPTHS by Ohmai

Shoes: Dirty girl boots by ORANGE Creations

lunedì 27 luglio 2009

First sun

I have nothing to say...just a lot of photos I din't I will put them here without comments...they will come back after my vacancies!!! YAY!!! ^______^

first sun_part

first sun


Skin: Pale Teeth Gap - Oranges & Applesby NO
Hair: Sophie natural blonde by Lelutka

Swimsuit: Nuna bikini green by Artilleri
Skirt: Raith swimmmini by Lelutka (tinted red)

Shoes: Bare marlene sand by Stiletto Moody
Hat & bangles: hat and bangle red/beige by ICON
Necklace: bird cage necklace by GINZA
Glasses: Cubism shades by Epoque

Watermelons: watermelon and tarai by relaxin

lunedì 20 luglio 2009


I'm losing myself more and more in these beautiful japan lands..and going on this way I will also loose my L balance!!
No, this is a joke..because in addiction of being talented they have really cheap prices..and how could I do without these things?!?

The piece that I love is htis cute hat with so well made dogs, a detail that makes the outfit precious.
For the secound outfit..well the dress is precious too, and the new Fishy Strawberry collection is plenty of surprises to discover!




Left Me:Hair: Bo browns by Maitreya
Jacket: Cardigan flower by CoCo

Shirt: part of Anticipation outfit by Pixeldolls
Bra: Laundry day dark by Fishy Strawberry
Skirt: Voluminous skirt/gold by DPyumyum

Hat: GP hat by nManMa
Fan: free fan by Sweetaholic
Shoes: by AOHARU

Right Me:
Hair: Negligee vanilla by Waffle
Dress: Pivano dress white by Fishy Strawberry

Shirt: Button down shirt white by SL (shit luck)Neck frillies:

Shoes: Kristin Bootie steel blue by ETD
Socks: Jane flor sock light by MIEL
Bangles: Indians bangles by Zaara
Glasses: Whitney Sunglasses by Spexx

Needing hugs

I'm going on in this summer needing hugs..yeah..I'm a sweet person, I love to stay with my friends and all the people I love. Fortunally here in SL I met so great peoples...and my friends continue to support me with my crazy parties (ty darlings)..and these for me are HUGS from you!!

So lets go on with 2 new sweet outfits, with a sweet face (it's not mine, it's from the skin...), sweet colors, sweet hair, sweet plushes...please stop..ahahha.

Ok ok..enjoy the photos

needing hugs_part

needing hugs


Me left:

Skin: Ghost Organs - heavy brow by fdHair: Yvette browns by ETD

Shirt:Green Teir Blouse by Pampered Princess Designs
Jacket: Part of Sadie by Barerose
Skirt: part of wagara dress by Pallette

Socks: Knee Socks Mit suspenders Unicorn by Pig
Shoes: HIGH SCHOOL by N-core
Mouth accessory: Toast by HANAUTA

Me right:

Hair: Hair11_C by ROGE
Dress: Room Navy by BofD (Butterfly of dreams)

Robot: robot by Reek (ty Hallie)

Bangles: ribon chain bracelet by Mezzo

mercoledì 15 luglio 2009


Here we go with a new entry...Meet my friend Lucy!! The time I spend with her is so funny, and yeah, we "spend" lots of money together! Bad bad thing to find a shopping company!!

Well this is our first post, but I bet there'll be soon other!

For me...yesterday I lost myself in a Japan land "
Edelweiss", and I found so incredibly well done stuff: I bought there these fabulous baggy pants and my boots (they are in 4 colours for 200L). The top is from the new Fushy Strawberry collection: colorfur, dressable and funny stuff, a must have! Last but not least my great hair from my friend Alair (Pocket Mirrors)!!!!!

For Lucy...why don't take advantage with sales to increase our huge inventories??? So we went to AOHARU and..I don't think I have to say what happened, but you have only to see the results: a great style! Lucy likes mixing stuff like me, she's more casual, has a passion for GINGER hair (and I hate her for this!!!!!) and shoes obviously like me!! <3
summer style_part

summer style


On Me:

Skin: Runway Sugar Inspired by Skintight
Hair: Robin Side-updo by Pocket Mirrors

Top: Kerouac top by Fishy Strawberry
Pants: Harem trousers grey by DIAPOP

Boots: NitBoots Sellbox by Super's
Brooch: PearlFlowerCorsage by **sen*2**
Bangles: FLORA bangles by Donna Flora

On Lucy:

Skin: LondonRevolutionLight-Gift Skin - previous spring group gift by LeLutka
Hair: HANNAH by Lelutka

Jacket: Short jean jacket pink by AOHARU
Top: part FlowerBandeauSwimsuit_Brown by AOHARU
Pants: part of Buone Vacanze - Ukruan Purple by Armidi Gisaci

Belt: TwinSkinnyBelt_Brown by AOHARU
Shoes: EthnicBijouSandals_IncaRose by AOHARU
Bag: Record bag by Fabulous
Glasses: cateye yellow glasses by Periquita
Earrings: Tropic of cancer by LaGyo

martedì 14 luglio 2009

Fashion nerd

Well dalrings, I think it's time to take a little break from SL, from my blog, and my store...only some few things are coming before...I have to study!!!
I hope I can return STRONGER..ahahha...more beautiful and rich..OMG!!

So I'm becoming a nerd for some weeks, and this will be my rl style..I would love to have to study fashion (ahah my Chantkare look book) and more happy things, but it's all math, laws and my final the end of the year I will be an engeneer YAY!!! :P

My style?? Glasses of course, beige/grey tones, and my happy face (it is not!!!).

fashion nerd_part

fashion nerd

Left Me

Hair: PETA by Lelutka

Shirt: String tank black by Sugarcube
Pants: Cargo shorts in brown by Fishy Strawberry

Socks: Socks mit suspenders by Pig
Shoes: Funny girl flats by Periquita
Necklace: The smoking gun necklace by Shade Throne
Glasses: Retro shades metal by Epoque
Bangle: Black sheep bangle set by Fabulous

Right Me:

Hair: Miucha by Waffle

Jacket: Nakita jacket by Lelutka
Pants: part of Bossy by Cashmere
Leggings: Legging brown by MAiiKI

Shoes: St.Tropez (black/white) by Lelutka
Earrings: Desert rose silver by LaGyo
Glasses: Dork.ster glasse's by GnOodle'sz
Brooch: accessory01 by Jetcity

giovedì 9 luglio 2009

Old pink

Going out from a really colorful period (you know I'm talkin about my new collection :P) now it's time to wear something...more relaxing.

First of all I changed my base skin, and I love it so much! This is from Myrtle Spyker, creator of the beautiful skins from Skin Tight. She also does custom skins and they are so well done and so exclusive!
My turkish pants are from Bianca Foulon and the shirt from Ibizarre...just a simple and clean style!

Last but not least this hair!!! It's called Gyorgyna (ehm ehm..what??) and is from my friend Tabata Jewell owner and designer of Vanity Hair which is one of the most creative hair brand of SL!

old pink_part

old pink

Skin: Runway_Sugar_Inspired by SkinTight
Hair: Gyorgyna by !VA!Vanity Hair

Shirt: Shimmy top (nude) by Ibizarre
Pants: Olimpia pants by Lelutka

Shoes: Bare Marlene (sand) by Stiletto Moody
Glasses: shutter shades day'n'night by Glow
Earrings: Stillmatic earrings by Fabulous
Shall: Silver Lilly Gown Shall from MP

lunedì 29 giugno 2009


I met Loring at her store, she's a really nice person and when she showed me her last skins I fall in love: many skin creators have been inspired by the cute and sexy face NY model Devon Aoki, and how could not be in love with her sweet face.

Loring's Devon skin is really realistic and well done...but my favorite is the Nicole skin (cause I prefer to use tanned skins).
However go to see her store and...also search for the amazing gifts Loring putted there for you.

L'Oring Nicole
Nicole skins
L'Oring Devon
Devon skins

The new Devon skin comes in 3 skin tones (01, 02, 03 from lighter to tanner) and 10 makeups.

domenica 28 giugno 2009

A touch of yellow

I'm particulary happy these days, maybe the weather, maybe my love, so I decided to reflect this feeling also in my last post using an inspiring bright yellow.

Oh well from wich to start first....ok, from the top to the bottom:
great hair from Head Mistress (I first saw them on
Uma's blog, ty so much!!I love them), big earring from LaGyo, another beautiful jacket from P-K with always great details and nice colors, the classic jeans a must have for all in SL the Grace jeans from Armidi, a black leathered belt from CoCo, yellow suspenders...

..and thanks to a friend (Lucifer) I have these beautiful boots from Laqroki!

a touch of yellow_part

a touch of yellow


Skin: Claudia 04 Pitch Glow Skin by Laqroki
Hair: Alica browns by HM

Jacket: Military Jacket by P-K
Inner: Button down shirt white by Shit Luck
Pants: Grace jeans by Armidi

Boots: Knee High boots by Laqroki
Earrings and Ring: Famous Lady by LaGyo

sabato 27 giugno 2009

Denim classic

I've always loved P_K clothes and now that Polina has a 50% sale I bought some pieces I missed:one of these is this fabulous military jacket, with great textures and a unic style!
So I decided to call this post "denim calssic" and use a denim motif for all the other a classic style...simple, isn't it?
The cute high shoes, from Royal Blue, are one of my favorites, they make me look as a flamingo LOL
And, final touch, the glasses are from the new collection from Vintage Wear..oops..Epoque. I was excited for the new coming brand, and impatient to see such new beauties Vintage would have showed us, and promises were not broken! Great sunglasses, creative hairs and cute jewels!

denim classic_part

denim classic


Skin: Daphne Latte Queen of hearts by Fishy Strawberry

Hair: Essence by Labieja
Jacket: Military denim jacket by P-K

Inner: Body Con id not dead silver by Royal Blue

Pants: Denim high waisted Misery by Emery
Shoes: Clompy stompy wedges night rain by Royal Blue

Glasses: Cubism shades neutral colors by Epoque

Scarf: Stole gray by Ce Cubic effect

Bag: Diana black by Barerose

Bangles: FRAGILE!split by glass by Flirt (50% sale)

venerdì 26 giugno 2009

Rock on!!

It's time to change my image...nope! It's just an experiment cause I'm here to play with my avatar and show great stuff.
Well all started with the shirt with the Rolling Stones logo, I saw it on a flickr page and couldn't resist. I paired it with a gift of the Hair Fair from a store called Black Maria, I didn't know it before, even this is not my usual style, but I liked it...and all the outfit came accordingly: black coat, rusted glasses (super fab!!) leggings and high red boots.

rock on_part

rock on


Skin:Daphne Latte Queen of hearts (black/hair) by Fishy Strawberry
Hair: Free hair (hair fair 09) by BLACK MARIA

Jacket: part of Cross Bones Lady by Barerose
Shirt: Rock'n Roll black by C.Smith
Pants: Sergeant Pepper black by TOSL

Boots: F_Boots the Catalyst red by The Abyss
Glasses: Gate shades by Shade Throne
Earrings: themisto piercing by PERTURB/ation
Belt: Beautician belt by Little heaven (free)
Ring: Times Square ring by Paper Couture

Aguas de março

Oh well, I NEED TO GO TO THE BEACH! Ops, sorry for shouting but here is too hot.
That's why I imagined myself near the sea, in a beautiful beach with palms and happy tanned people. And that is crazy if you know that I have all these things near home, but I'm too busy studying and of course SLing (lol).

É pau, é pedra, é o fim do caminho
É um resto de toco, é um pouco sozinho
É um caco de vidro, é a vida, é o sol
É a noite, é a morte, é um laço, é o anzol
É peroba no campo, é o nó da madeira
Caingá candeia, é o matita-pereira

É um belo horizonte, é uma febre terçã
São as águas de março fechando o verão
É a promessa de vida no teu coração
É pau, é pedra, é o fim do caminho
É um resto de toco, é um pouco sozinho
É pau, é pedra, é o fim do caminho
É um resto de toco, é um pouco sozinho

So that is the outfit of a sexy hawaiian girl, what else can I say, just enjoy it!

aguas de marco_part

aguas de marco

Skin: Nicole skin 03D (re release) by L'ORING
Hair: Camelia black coffee by HTD

Swimsuit: Paillettes Bodysuit-Gold by Fishy Strawberry
Skirt: Giraf long skirt by YORIM

Shoes: Suede Laced up Sandals_Cream by AOHARU
Necklace: Naturalist necklace by Swallowtail
Flower: Andalusite headdress rose orange (mod by me) by Andalusite clothing
Belt: Brown mesh belt by MM's (free)

Fishy Strawberry new skin Daphne

Oooh yes..they are really here, the new skins from the brilliant mind of Fae Eriksen! You surely know her store and her beautiful and glam stuf..but, hey, these skins are just gorgeous!

They come in three tones (mocha, cappuccino and latte) and ten different makeups, all in bald and haired version and all in 3 hairbrows tones (black, brown and blonde). They will be released on saturday (so, save your money for

I really appreciate that Fae shared these beauties with me, and I'm really happy to tell you that she's releasing them on saturday for an approximate price of 900L each.

I've decided to show you the three tones and four makeups for each of them.

Fishy Strawberry mocha
Daphne Mocha skin: Pixie, Pitch, Oro, Orchid

Fishy Strawberry cappuccino

Daphne Cappuccino skin: Smokey, Oro, Candy, Natural

Fishy Strawberry milk

Daphne Latte skin: Candy, Pitch, Queen of hearts, Pixie

mercoledì 24 giugno 2009

Raspberry lips

Well GG (Come out the closet) you told me that I'm too skinny!! And I began to eat whatever I see...even this little cutie bird, made by my friend Melatonin was good..LOL

By the way, these raspberry lips are from my new skin from Laqroki: I'm sure I will come back to the store and pick up other beautiful tones. The new skins come for now in fatpacks for a really cheap price, anyway I think my L balance won't be happy for that!

Yes, I'm wearing another time a total black look, but don't worry...COLORS ARE COMING SOON!
raspberry lips_part

Skin: Claudia peach 04 by Laqroki
Hair: Bound - darkash by Shag Hair

Shirt: parto of Fall black outfit by Chantkare (next a-w collection)
Pants: SarrouelPants_Black by AOHARU

Shoes: Bitch bootie by Stiletto Moody
Necklace: Portrait necklace by Yummy
Glasses: Shooting Glasses by ICEY
Headpiece: SAKURA ornamental hairpin by Umi Usagi

Summer breeze

I came back soon with this outfit I adore! Just simple things for the summer...a skirt, a white shirt with flowers and a cardigan.
I'm happy to show them, cause I found these items (and stores) really creative: Mudshake (awesome textures and cute furniture), Drawsy with lots of colorful shirts and Rhapsodie which has really low prices and really well done stuff.

Last but not least this gorgeous skin from Curio and the new hair from Maitreya (hair fair 2009).




Skin: Petal FREX Light Mauve2 by Curio
Hair: Dylan caramel by Maitreya

Shirt: No 15 by Drowsy
Sweater: Simple cardigan jacket by Rhapsodie
Skirt: Red country rose by Mudshake

Shoes: BlackBelt Wedge brown by J's
Necklace: Alda necklace coral by Donna Flora
Glasses: Retro shades metal by Vintage Wear

Casual chic

Oh, well, I finally come back...I've been really busy with my store and all the new collections. But now it's time to come back to my first love: show all the beauties I have in my inventory...
and now, also in english YAY!!!! Ok, ok, I will soon translate also the older posts, but for now be happy for this one :P

I saw too many words spent for the hair fair 2009, many kind was my first fair (yes, I'm young) and I've been a little upset for the lag: too many unnecessary prims and textures...but it's been a pleasure to spent LOTS of money there!! This one I'm wearing is from Dernier Cri.

Here I'm also wearing two pieces that every girl needs to have in her inventory: the versatile belt from Maiiki and the perfect necklace from my frien Undo Hermano (Shade Throne) inspired by another friend of mine
Abra Exonar.

casual chic_part

casual chic


Skin: LAL-D-S-F1.12 by DREAM-INK
Hair: Kim - Brown Shades by Dernier Cri

Shirt: Tango spring 08 by DE Design
Skirt: Shark Fin white by Thimbles

Belt: High Waisted Belt *Patent Black* BY MAiiKI
Shoes: Amour Heels_Black by ATOMIC
Necklace: The Exonar necklace by Shade Throne
Bangles: African nights by Lagyo
Cigarette: Cigarette II by FNKY

martedì 7 aprile 2009

Faccia nuova!!!

Ebbene si, dopo la dieta drastica del mio avatar originario, adesso ho cabiato un pò anche la sua faccetta, e mi pare sia venuto qualcosa di carino, no?
Sembra un pò arrabbiata, ma fa anche tanto sexy, non trovate?

sad face

sad face1

Anche se la terza (l'ultima a desta) sembra stia pensando "omg, always that shoes!!" io credo siano degli outfit ben riusciti con i colori che più mi attraggono in questo periodo cioè il viola e il giallo.

Il primo è un outfit molto cheap con due pezzi che consiglio assolutamente: gli stivali da 25L (ebbene si) e il vestitino anch'esso da 25L...sembra strano ma è proprio cosi, praticamente una rarità trovare cose carine a questi prezzi.


Il secondo è piu sofisticato ma anch'esso con un pezzo, il top, preso a 1L, e non potevo non averlo. A rendere cosi prezioso questo look sono i capelli di Vintage wear che assolutamente adoro, e gli immancabili Grace di Armidi....e poi tornano di nuovo loro, si, le Stiletto, che sono come una droga, impossibile separarsene!


Per il terzo invece ho optato per una delle nuove release di Lelutka, un vestitino sportivo che ho abbinato con delle semplici ballerine (anch'esse free) e la magnifica, ma no è troppo stratosferica borsona di Baiastice, che è talmente bella che è un peccato sia solo SL.


In ultimo ma non ultimo vorrei farvi notare quanto sono belli gli occhialoni neri (secondo outfit) e la collana dorata con annessa bocca e pugno (terzo outfit), entrambi creati dalla simpaticissima Undo Hermano. La collana sarà presto messa in vendita (SHADE THRONE)


1st outfit

Hair: Loose pony, by JUNWAVE

Dress: Corseted Shirtdress - Lemon Yellow, by Little Rebel Design
Jacket: Night Love, by Leezu Baxter

Shoes: Python Boots, by Parallel Love
Ring: Keyboard 4 Finger Rings, by KaWaii Jelly

2nd outfit

Hair: The introvert black tones, by Vintage Wear

Top: Striped Cardivest - Lime, by Doux Petit Dahl
Pants: Grace Jeans - Stoned, by Armidi

Glasses: Diabolita sunglasses, by Shade Throne
Bangles: FRAGILE! Split By Glass Bangle, by Flirt
Necklace: Silver necklace, by Icon

3rd outfit

Hair: Sun blacks, by Maitreya

Dress: Look @ me mini/black, by Lelutka

Shoes: Roger Vivier Chips, Style box
Necklace: looped necklace with knuckle and lips, by Shade Throne
Bangles: Gold Jelly Gem Donut Bangle Set (L&R), by Fresh backing goods
Bag: Croccodile bag, by Baiastice (clutch included)

giovedì 2 aprile 2009

Tristezza...per favore va via!!!

Eh già, nonostante sia Primavera, la pioggia torna a disturbarci e ci rende la vita alquanto caotica e ugiosa.

E allora, come dico sempre, benchè sia difficile, reagiamo e tiriamo avanti, anche con un piccolo ma efficace aiuto che è quello dello shopping su sl.

Noi, da brave fashioniste non ci facciamo scappare l'occasione, ed ecco che nascono degli outfit, tre, molto carini e luminosi. Ho sempre qualcosa di recuperato dal fondo del mio inventario, e qualcosa invece di nuovo, appena tolto dalla busta del negozio come la simpaticissima shirt di Uma, owner del negozio Toastface (e che ha anche il suo blog...segnalato qui affianco Uma's diary).






(1st outfit)

Hair: Happy hair selection ash, by 69

Shirt: Hungry for a Holiday Cardigan - Camel, by PIDIDDLE

Skirt: fast car skirt, by Emery

Shoes: silver star (freebie), by amp*pop

Socks: Chantilly lace socks, by Kreative Caoz (CKD)

Necklace: diamond & gold necklace, by CHICOCO

Bangles: Splendence bangles, by Lagyo

Earrings: Square *SILVER* Bamboo Earrings (Double) (LD), by *KC*

(2nd outfit)

Hair: Miracle hair selection brown, by 69

Dress: A-02 black, by Fid

Shirt: minnie me, bu toastface

Shoes: texas2 brown, by Storm Schmooz

Socks: Socks Mit Suspenders - Antique Red Sock, by Pig

Earrings: THEMISTO -piercing/BLACK&RED-, by Perturb/ation

Scarf: Wild Petal Scarf, by +Japancakes+

Plush: Bear and Leaf, by El'n

(3rd outfit)

Hair: hair_heart_7_black, by *KUROTSUBAKI*

Outfit: The Asymmetric, by Savvy

Shoes: Schoo black, by AW design

Gloves: ARADIA Gloves, by Cachet (Lelutka - not available)

Necklace: gold necklace, by Lycee

Bag: Big bow! bag green, by LaGyo