giovedì 27 agosto 2009

fluo queen & disco girl

I'm actually in a lime mood and I have so many things in this color, so I decided to use some of my favorite ones to make these two outfits I adore!!

One is a fluo queen, all dressed in this lime tones and the other one is a disco girl with boombox, microphone and vintage headphones.

fluo queen & disco girl_part

fluo queen & disco girl1

fluo queen & disco girl


Fluo queen:
Hair: Allison II, by Fri.

Jacket: Roxy black, by Mimikri
Bra: In a manner of speaking black, by andBean
Shorts: Short on E citrus by Emery
Leggings: Fish scale leggings, by Twee (Designers united limited)

Shoes: Salience golden brown, by Maitreya
Crown: Principe crown, by CheerNo

Disco girl:
Hair: Deena, by Fri.

Top: 5th Ave long top, by Digit Darkess
Leggings: Legging Black, by Maiiki

Shoes: Sugar'n spice, by AW Design
Glasses: Implosion Sunglasses black, by Shade Throne
Headphones and Boombox: Nylon Outfitters
Microphone: normal Mic, by Happy Dispatch (great poses!!!)

Back home

Oooook sorry I've been so away from here...I went on vacation here in Sardinia for a couple of weeks..I missed sl, blogging, and creating stuff. I had only 1 hour at day with a wireless connection, but I've found some time to make few photos here and obviously to shopping.

I've uploaded some photos on my Flickr, well many outfits and so I decided to put only photos and the outfit details to keep updated the blog, sorry for this, I know my texts are so inspiring LOL.

ah l'amour_part

ah l'amour

back home_part

back home


1st look:
Hair: CheerNo.HairDesing - PRELICA BLONDS

Shirt: Y-Strap Layered Tank in Emerald, by Viva la Glam
Skirt: High Waist Garden Skirt, by Wasted Youth
Stockings: Valentino Leggings, by Fuel

Shoes: RibbonBeltPumps in Red, by ANEXX
Hat: Oh so french beret, by Decollage
Glasses: Barbara, by NALA
Ring: Lucifer ring coming soon by LaGyo
Necklace: Hunters necklace, by Chapeau tres mignon

2nd look:
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth: Electric slide

Shirt: Blooming roses blouse, by Tres Blah
Pants: Denim high waisted Misery, by Emery

Belt: Twin skinny belt, by AOHARU
Shoes: Superstars yellow/black, by SOREAL
Bag: Bag S yellow, by Altmeter
Glasses: Millionhearts, by NALA

giovedì 6 agosto 2009

Bad Girls

We see a lot of them..walkin around aour stores, our pretty lands, hanging around our boys...and why don't we beat them???? because the do it first, THEY ARE THE BAD

I didn't know what to say....I just had the 2 outfits in my mind and I thought about these stupid things...stupid but true things. Well enjoy their looks....or they'll beat you!!

bad girls_part

bad girl2

bad girl1


Pic 1:

Hair: Jeilu by Ac Store

Undershirt: Storm swimsuit black by Bijou
Jumper: Tabitha jumper red by ModdG.
Leggings: Slick n' Shiny silver by &Bean

Glasses: Diabolita Sunglasses by Shade throne
Scarf: Holiday winter scarf by Kyoot (old group gift)
Shoes: Kat Platforms by Kookie

Pic 2:

Hair: Deep womens by Shag

Shirt: Strap Layered Tank in Beige by VG
Skirt: Taff Taff Skirt by Narwal (love this store!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Jacket: Shoulder trench bleu by PK
Leggings: Thight 2 (tinted) by Little Fish

Belt: High waisted belt black by Maiiki
Bangle: African nights bangle by LaGyo
Glasses: Aviators by Shade Throne
Shoes: Bare Audrey by Stiletto Moody

I don't want you anymore

Yes I don't want to see you many times we wish to say this to someone and we don't have the courage to do it??
This happens to the best people who doesn't want to hurt someone and just leaves the things as they are, but....sometimes we have to do it, just for a reason...because is the right thing to do!

Well...this outfit is too "happy" for the way I'm feeling now..but I didn't want to spend more time for that person, and so lets change humor with this cute thing here!

The jacket is from Ohmai, another fabulous work from Anya, the dress is from the new Viva La Glam collection which finally come back to SL.
The hat is from a little cute store in a little cute mall (LOL) and the bag is a freebie, love them!!!

I don't want you anymore!!!


Hair: Electric slide by Clawtooth

Dress: Halcyon dress in pearl by VG
Jacket: Hamilton military BASICBLANK by Ohmai

Hat: Rusty helmet by GasMask
Bag: Djunk Wanderer bag by LaLa's Regular Oddness
Boots: NitBoots Sellbox by Super


Yes...I copied someone's blog name...but, oh yes, I'm guilty!!
And yes yes yes, Anya continues surprising us with her little brilliant cute mind ^____^
Her blog is glamorous, her photos are fab, and so her stuff had to be brilliant too!
And she has not disappointed our expectations!!



Hair: Toppi blondes by Ohmai

Dress: Summer Breeze DARKDEPTHS by Ohmai

Shoes: Dirty girl boots by ORANGE Creations