lunedì 29 giugno 2009


I met Loring at her store, she's a really nice person and when she showed me her last skins I fall in love: many skin creators have been inspired by the cute and sexy face NY model Devon Aoki, and how could not be in love with her sweet face.

Loring's Devon skin is really realistic and well done...but my favorite is the Nicole skin (cause I prefer to use tanned skins).
However go to see her store and...also search for the amazing gifts Loring putted there for you.

L'Oring Nicole
Nicole skins
L'Oring Devon
Devon skins

The new Devon skin comes in 3 skin tones (01, 02, 03 from lighter to tanner) and 10 makeups.

domenica 28 giugno 2009

A touch of yellow

I'm particulary happy these days, maybe the weather, maybe my love, so I decided to reflect this feeling also in my last post using an inspiring bright yellow.

Oh well from wich to start first....ok, from the top to the bottom:
great hair from Head Mistress (I first saw them on
Uma's blog, ty so much!!I love them), big earring from LaGyo, another beautiful jacket from P-K with always great details and nice colors, the classic jeans a must have for all in SL the Grace jeans from Armidi, a black leathered belt from CoCo, yellow suspenders...

..and thanks to a friend (Lucifer) I have these beautiful boots from Laqroki!

a touch of yellow_part

a touch of yellow


Skin: Claudia 04 Pitch Glow Skin by Laqroki
Hair: Alica browns by HM

Jacket: Military Jacket by P-K
Inner: Button down shirt white by Shit Luck
Pants: Grace jeans by Armidi

Boots: Knee High boots by Laqroki
Earrings and Ring: Famous Lady by LaGyo

sabato 27 giugno 2009

Denim classic

I've always loved P_K clothes and now that Polina has a 50% sale I bought some pieces I missed:one of these is this fabulous military jacket, with great textures and a unic style!
So I decided to call this post "denim calssic" and use a denim motif for all the other a classic style...simple, isn't it?
The cute high shoes, from Royal Blue, are one of my favorites, they make me look as a flamingo LOL
And, final touch, the glasses are from the new collection from Vintage Wear..oops..Epoque. I was excited for the new coming brand, and impatient to see such new beauties Vintage would have showed us, and promises were not broken! Great sunglasses, creative hairs and cute jewels!

denim classic_part

denim classic


Skin: Daphne Latte Queen of hearts by Fishy Strawberry

Hair: Essence by Labieja
Jacket: Military denim jacket by P-K

Inner: Body Con id not dead silver by Royal Blue

Pants: Denim high waisted Misery by Emery
Shoes: Clompy stompy wedges night rain by Royal Blue

Glasses: Cubism shades neutral colors by Epoque

Scarf: Stole gray by Ce Cubic effect

Bag: Diana black by Barerose

Bangles: FRAGILE!split by glass by Flirt (50% sale)

venerdì 26 giugno 2009

Rock on!!

It's time to change my image...nope! It's just an experiment cause I'm here to play with my avatar and show great stuff.
Well all started with the shirt with the Rolling Stones logo, I saw it on a flickr page and couldn't resist. I paired it with a gift of the Hair Fair from a store called Black Maria, I didn't know it before, even this is not my usual style, but I liked it...and all the outfit came accordingly: black coat, rusted glasses (super fab!!) leggings and high red boots.

rock on_part

rock on


Skin:Daphne Latte Queen of hearts (black/hair) by Fishy Strawberry
Hair: Free hair (hair fair 09) by BLACK MARIA

Jacket: part of Cross Bones Lady by Barerose
Shirt: Rock'n Roll black by C.Smith
Pants: Sergeant Pepper black by TOSL

Boots: F_Boots the Catalyst red by The Abyss
Glasses: Gate shades by Shade Throne
Earrings: themisto piercing by PERTURB/ation
Belt: Beautician belt by Little heaven (free)
Ring: Times Square ring by Paper Couture

Aguas de março

Oh well, I NEED TO GO TO THE BEACH! Ops, sorry for shouting but here is too hot.
That's why I imagined myself near the sea, in a beautiful beach with palms and happy tanned people. And that is crazy if you know that I have all these things near home, but I'm too busy studying and of course SLing (lol).

É pau, é pedra, é o fim do caminho
É um resto de toco, é um pouco sozinho
É um caco de vidro, é a vida, é o sol
É a noite, é a morte, é um laço, é o anzol
É peroba no campo, é o nó da madeira
Caingá candeia, é o matita-pereira

É um belo horizonte, é uma febre terçã
São as águas de março fechando o verão
É a promessa de vida no teu coração
É pau, é pedra, é o fim do caminho
É um resto de toco, é um pouco sozinho
É pau, é pedra, é o fim do caminho
É um resto de toco, é um pouco sozinho

So that is the outfit of a sexy hawaiian girl, what else can I say, just enjoy it!

aguas de marco_part

aguas de marco

Skin: Nicole skin 03D (re release) by L'ORING
Hair: Camelia black coffee by HTD

Swimsuit: Paillettes Bodysuit-Gold by Fishy Strawberry
Skirt: Giraf long skirt by YORIM

Shoes: Suede Laced up Sandals_Cream by AOHARU
Necklace: Naturalist necklace by Swallowtail
Flower: Andalusite headdress rose orange (mod by me) by Andalusite clothing
Belt: Brown mesh belt by MM's (free)

Fishy Strawberry new skin Daphne

Oooh yes..they are really here, the new skins from the brilliant mind of Fae Eriksen! You surely know her store and her beautiful and glam stuf..but, hey, these skins are just gorgeous!

They come in three tones (mocha, cappuccino and latte) and ten different makeups, all in bald and haired version and all in 3 hairbrows tones (black, brown and blonde). They will be released on saturday (so, save your money for

I really appreciate that Fae shared these beauties with me, and I'm really happy to tell you that she's releasing them on saturday for an approximate price of 900L each.

I've decided to show you the three tones and four makeups for each of them.

Fishy Strawberry mocha
Daphne Mocha skin: Pixie, Pitch, Oro, Orchid

Fishy Strawberry cappuccino

Daphne Cappuccino skin: Smokey, Oro, Candy, Natural

Fishy Strawberry milk

Daphne Latte skin: Candy, Pitch, Queen of hearts, Pixie

mercoledì 24 giugno 2009

Raspberry lips

Well GG (Come out the closet) you told me that I'm too skinny!! And I began to eat whatever I see...even this little cutie bird, made by my friend Melatonin was good..LOL

By the way, these raspberry lips are from my new skin from Laqroki: I'm sure I will come back to the store and pick up other beautiful tones. The new skins come for now in fatpacks for a really cheap price, anyway I think my L balance won't be happy for that!

Yes, I'm wearing another time a total black look, but don't worry...COLORS ARE COMING SOON!
raspberry lips_part

Skin: Claudia peach 04 by Laqroki
Hair: Bound - darkash by Shag Hair

Shirt: parto of Fall black outfit by Chantkare (next a-w collection)
Pants: SarrouelPants_Black by AOHARU

Shoes: Bitch bootie by Stiletto Moody
Necklace: Portrait necklace by Yummy
Glasses: Shooting Glasses by ICEY
Headpiece: SAKURA ornamental hairpin by Umi Usagi

Summer breeze

I came back soon with this outfit I adore! Just simple things for the summer...a skirt, a white shirt with flowers and a cardigan.
I'm happy to show them, cause I found these items (and stores) really creative: Mudshake (awesome textures and cute furniture), Drawsy with lots of colorful shirts and Rhapsodie which has really low prices and really well done stuff.

Last but not least this gorgeous skin from Curio and the new hair from Maitreya (hair fair 2009).




Skin: Petal FREX Light Mauve2 by Curio
Hair: Dylan caramel by Maitreya

Shirt: No 15 by Drowsy
Sweater: Simple cardigan jacket by Rhapsodie
Skirt: Red country rose by Mudshake

Shoes: BlackBelt Wedge brown by J's
Necklace: Alda necklace coral by Donna Flora
Glasses: Retro shades metal by Vintage Wear

Casual chic

Oh, well, I finally come back...I've been really busy with my store and all the new collections. But now it's time to come back to my first love: show all the beauties I have in my inventory...
and now, also in english YAY!!!! Ok, ok, I will soon translate also the older posts, but for now be happy for this one :P

I saw too many words spent for the hair fair 2009, many kind was my first fair (yes, I'm young) and I've been a little upset for the lag: too many unnecessary prims and textures...but it's been a pleasure to spent LOTS of money there!! This one I'm wearing is from Dernier Cri.

Here I'm also wearing two pieces that every girl needs to have in her inventory: the versatile belt from Maiiki and the perfect necklace from my frien Undo Hermano (Shade Throne) inspired by another friend of mine
Abra Exonar.

casual chic_part

casual chic


Skin: LAL-D-S-F1.12 by DREAM-INK
Hair: Kim - Brown Shades by Dernier Cri

Shirt: Tango spring 08 by DE Design
Skirt: Shark Fin white by Thimbles

Belt: High Waisted Belt *Patent Black* BY MAiiKI
Shoes: Amour Heels_Black by ATOMIC
Necklace: The Exonar necklace by Shade Throne
Bangles: African nights by Lagyo
Cigarette: Cigarette II by FNKY