domenica 28 giugno 2009

A touch of yellow

I'm particulary happy these days, maybe the weather, maybe my love, so I decided to reflect this feeling also in my last post using an inspiring bright yellow.

Oh well from wich to start first....ok, from the top to the bottom:
great hair from Head Mistress (I first saw them on
Uma's blog, ty so much!!I love them), big earring from LaGyo, another beautiful jacket from P-K with always great details and nice colors, the classic jeans a must have for all in SL the Grace jeans from Armidi, a black leathered belt from CoCo, yellow suspenders...

..and thanks to a friend (Lucifer) I have these beautiful boots from Laqroki!

a touch of yellow_part

a touch of yellow


Skin: Claudia 04 Pitch Glow Skin by Laqroki
Hair: Alica browns by HM

Jacket: Military Jacket by P-K
Inner: Button down shirt white by Shit Luck
Pants: Grace jeans by Armidi

Boots: Knee High boots by Laqroki
Earrings and Ring: Famous Lady by LaGyo

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