mercoledì 24 giugno 2009

Casual chic

Oh, well, I finally come back...I've been really busy with my store and all the new collections. But now it's time to come back to my first love: show all the beauties I have in my inventory...
and now, also in english YAY!!!! Ok, ok, I will soon translate also the older posts, but for now be happy for this one :P

I saw too many words spent for the hair fair 2009, many kind was my first fair (yes, I'm young) and I've been a little upset for the lag: too many unnecessary prims and textures...but it's been a pleasure to spent LOTS of money there!! This one I'm wearing is from Dernier Cri.

Here I'm also wearing two pieces that every girl needs to have in her inventory: the versatile belt from Maiiki and the perfect necklace from my frien Undo Hermano (Shade Throne) inspired by another friend of mine
Abra Exonar.

casual chic_part

casual chic


Skin: LAL-D-S-F1.12 by DREAM-INK
Hair: Kim - Brown Shades by Dernier Cri

Shirt: Tango spring 08 by DE Design
Skirt: Shark Fin white by Thimbles

Belt: High Waisted Belt *Patent Black* BY MAiiKI
Shoes: Amour Heels_Black by ATOMIC
Necklace: The Exonar necklace by Shade Throne
Bangles: African nights by Lagyo
Cigarette: Cigarette II by FNKY

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