venerdì 26 giugno 2009

Fishy Strawberry new skin Daphne

Oooh yes..they are really here, the new skins from the brilliant mind of Fae Eriksen! You surely know her store and her beautiful and glam stuf..but, hey, these skins are just gorgeous!

They come in three tones (mocha, cappuccino and latte) and ten different makeups, all in bald and haired version and all in 3 hairbrows tones (black, brown and blonde). They will be released on saturday (so, save your money for

I really appreciate that Fae shared these beauties with me, and I'm really happy to tell you that she's releasing them on saturday for an approximate price of 900L each.

I've decided to show you the three tones and four makeups for each of them.

Fishy Strawberry mocha
Daphne Mocha skin: Pixie, Pitch, Oro, Orchid

Fishy Strawberry cappuccino

Daphne Cappuccino skin: Smokey, Oro, Candy, Natural

Fishy Strawberry milk

Daphne Latte skin: Candy, Pitch, Queen of hearts, Pixie

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