venerdì 26 giugno 2009

Rock on!!

It's time to change my image...nope! It's just an experiment cause I'm here to play with my avatar and show great stuff.
Well all started with the shirt with the Rolling Stones logo, I saw it on a flickr page and couldn't resist. I paired it with a gift of the Hair Fair from a store called Black Maria, I didn't know it before, even this is not my usual style, but I liked it...and all the outfit came accordingly: black coat, rusted glasses (super fab!!) leggings and high red boots.

rock on_part

rock on


Skin:Daphne Latte Queen of hearts (black/hair) by Fishy Strawberry
Hair: Free hair (hair fair 09) by BLACK MARIA

Jacket: part of Cross Bones Lady by Barerose
Shirt: Rock'n Roll black by C.Smith
Pants: Sergeant Pepper black by TOSL

Boots: F_Boots the Catalyst red by The Abyss
Glasses: Gate shades by Shade Throne
Earrings: themisto piercing by PERTURB/ation
Belt: Beautician belt by Little heaven (free)
Ring: Times Square ring by Paper Couture

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