mercoledì 24 giugno 2009

Summer breeze

I came back soon with this outfit I adore! Just simple things for the summer...a skirt, a white shirt with flowers and a cardigan.
I'm happy to show them, cause I found these items (and stores) really creative: Mudshake (awesome textures and cute furniture), Drawsy with lots of colorful shirts and Rhapsodie which has really low prices and really well done stuff.

Last but not least this gorgeous skin from Curio and the new hair from Maitreya (hair fair 2009).




Skin: Petal FREX Light Mauve2 by Curio
Hair: Dylan caramel by Maitreya

Shirt: No 15 by Drowsy
Sweater: Simple cardigan jacket by Rhapsodie
Skirt: Red country rose by Mudshake

Shoes: BlackBelt Wedge brown by J's
Necklace: Alda necklace coral by Donna Flora
Glasses: Retro shades metal by Vintage Wear

2 commenti:

  1. Wow you look so different in this skin!
    This hair is like yummy <3

    Imma gives you a burger your waist is so skinny >.<