giovedì 27 agosto 2009

Back home

Oooook sorry I've been so away from here...I went on vacation here in Sardinia for a couple of weeks..I missed sl, blogging, and creating stuff. I had only 1 hour at day with a wireless connection, but I've found some time to make few photos here and obviously to shopping.

I've uploaded some photos on my Flickr, well many outfits and so I decided to put only photos and the outfit details to keep updated the blog, sorry for this, I know my texts are so inspiring LOL.

ah l'amour_part

ah l'amour

back home_part

back home


1st look:
Hair: CheerNo.HairDesing - PRELICA BLONDS

Shirt: Y-Strap Layered Tank in Emerald, by Viva la Glam
Skirt: High Waist Garden Skirt, by Wasted Youth
Stockings: Valentino Leggings, by Fuel

Shoes: RibbonBeltPumps in Red, by ANEXX
Hat: Oh so french beret, by Decollage
Glasses: Barbara, by NALA
Ring: Lucifer ring coming soon by LaGyo
Necklace: Hunters necklace, by Chapeau tres mignon

2nd look:
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth: Electric slide

Shirt: Blooming roses blouse, by Tres Blah
Pants: Denim high waisted Misery, by Emery

Belt: Twin skinny belt, by AOHARU
Shoes: Superstars yellow/black, by SOREAL
Bag: Bag S yellow, by Altmeter
Glasses: Millionhearts, by NALA

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