giovedì 6 agosto 2009

I don't want you anymore

Yes I don't want to see you many times we wish to say this to someone and we don't have the courage to do it??
This happens to the best people who doesn't want to hurt someone and just leaves the things as they are, but....sometimes we have to do it, just for a reason...because is the right thing to do!

Well...this outfit is too "happy" for the way I'm feeling now..but I didn't want to spend more time for that person, and so lets change humor with this cute thing here!

The jacket is from Ohmai, another fabulous work from Anya, the dress is from the new Viva La Glam collection which finally come back to SL.
The hat is from a little cute store in a little cute mall (LOL) and the bag is a freebie, love them!!!

I don't want you anymore!!!


Hair: Electric slide by Clawtooth

Dress: Halcyon dress in pearl by VG
Jacket: Hamilton military BASICBLANK by Ohmai

Hat: Rusty helmet by GasMask
Bag: Djunk Wanderer bag by LaLa's Regular Oddness
Boots: NitBoots Sellbox by Super

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