lunedì 20 luglio 2009

Needing hugs

I'm going on in this summer needing hugs..yeah..I'm a sweet person, I love to stay with my friends and all the people I love. Fortunally here in SL I met so great peoples...and my friends continue to support me with my crazy parties (ty darlings)..and these for me are HUGS from you!!

So lets go on with 2 new sweet outfits, with a sweet face (it's not mine, it's from the skin...), sweet colors, sweet hair, sweet plushes...please stop..ahahha.

Ok ok..enjoy the photos

needing hugs_part

needing hugs


Me left:

Skin: Ghost Organs - heavy brow by fdHair: Yvette browns by ETD

Shirt:Green Teir Blouse by Pampered Princess Designs
Jacket: Part of Sadie by Barerose
Skirt: part of wagara dress by Pallette

Socks: Knee Socks Mit suspenders Unicorn by Pig
Shoes: HIGH SCHOOL by N-core
Mouth accessory: Toast by HANAUTA

Me right:

Hair: Hair11_C by ROGE
Dress: Room Navy by BofD (Butterfly of dreams)

Robot: robot by Reek (ty Hallie)

Bangles: ribon chain bracelet by Mezzo

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